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4,568 Unique Soda Cats NFT Token with over 200+ traits!

Soda Cats Club is a collection of 4,568 unique Soda Cats NFTs Token. Unique digital collectibles in 3D PFP animation on the Solana blockchain.

Fun and Cute Artwork.

Legendary rarity traits and backgrounds.

1/1 Limited edition artwork to be claimed.

Your Soda Cat is a unique token to grant you the Soda Cat Club membership identity.

Access to the metaverse and beyond.

Our New Special Launch Mint Phrase Roadmap

Mint phase 1- The first 2,000 Mint will have higher chance getting a Super rare artwork and exclcusive airdrop. (Mint one NFT gets another free via airdrop.)

SOLD OUT Phase 1 2000/2000

Mint Phase 2- Enchanted rarity rate, Next 2,568 mint will have 20% higher chance getting Legendary artwork for whitelist members, for public a 10% chance increase.

Soda Cat Club Toy Figure Coming soon in Aug 2022 Pre-Order from Phase 2

Acquire 5 Soda Cat NFT to become an VIP Exclusive Members to secure your Toy Figure limited to 100pcs

Pre-order Toy Figure cost 3 SOL on our webstore coming Soon in AUG 2022

Soda Cat Club Roadmap

The foundation of the roadmap is to integrate different variety in the demand of being in the race into the metaverse. Our main objective is to develop together a club with strong individuals and widen our networking through NFT space.

Launch Initiated


2000/2000 Soda Cats Minted

Launched our social platforms including Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Website for the project Soda Cat Club. Hosting Campaigns to giveaway the 3,500 Whitelist Spots. Date set for minting on April 22, 2022 10 PM (GMT)

Soda Cat Club Mint goes Live

Phase 2

Complete full 4,568 Unique Soda Cat NFTs with over 200+ traits and special 1/1 editions to be minted! Community wallet prize draw with 100 Solana Coin giveaway!

Raffle Event: Free Giveaway! Obtain 3 or more Soda Cat NFT to enter the free giveaway of 10 Apple Watch! (10 Winners)

Soda Cat Club Toy Figure Launching in Aug 2022

We're Going into Metaverse!

-Buying our first metaverse land.

-Building our Soda Cat Club HQ in the metaverse.

-Host our first-ever Soda Cat Party in the Metaverse.

Metaverse Begins

Phase 3

Control Soda Cat Club floor price campaign, Guarantee sweep floor event from the team, we will clear any tokens with under floor price of 1 Sol for 24hours.

Metaverse-Building the Soda Cat club Suite.

Soda Cat owners will get exclusive access to the merch clothing and accessories from our online store.

Metaverse grand openining with our first metaverse Store to customise your Soda Cats.

Soda Cat Club Suite and Coins

Phase 4

Launch Soda Cat Club Suite for all Soda Cat Club NFT holders.

Launch Soda Cat Club Coin (Cryptocurrency).

The Soda Cat Club Coin can be claimed by owning the Soda Cat & Suite free. Alternatively you can trade in cryptocurrency exchange.

The Soda Cat Coin will be used to exchange Metaverse accessories from our Metaverse Soda Cat Club store or use it to gain passive income from the cryptocurrency exchange.

Meet The Team

We've a dedicated team all over the world, With a full doxxed team you can ensure our creditability for a professional and safe experience.

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Mandy Chan

Artist Lead

team Image

Kenson Lee

Graphic Lead

team Image

Oscar Chow

Graphic Lead

team Image

Steven Chan

Support Developer

Artist Image

Hi! I'm Mandy Chan aka MandyNFT

I have a Master Degree in Fine Art based in UK. This is my 6th year into my digital adventure. As much as I love Art as a subject, I am a full time Creative Art Director in a top 10 UK graphic design company. Further on my achievement I've featured in FT and for the creditability of my life drawing skills.

Modelling is one of my part time hobbies, I occasionally have express my love for fashion and taken up the opportunity for some model photoshoots in the past.

During my spare time I am dedicated in digital art, upon the NFT market have blown away with the high demand, I've started my own various projects last year. Using particular software such as Adobe illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop and ProCreate. These useful software allowed me to create many professional drawings for the art community. If you like to see my pervious projects, feel free to click the button below to direct you to my personal website.

More About The Artist

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Soda Cat Club FAQ

Let's Soda Cat-Pedia Help You with Some Commonly Asked Questions

We will be launching Soda Cat Club on April 22, 2022 10PM GMT on Solana Marketplace.
The mint price will be at 1 SOL (Solana), Max 2 NFT mint per wallet at 10PM (Whitelist Access Only) and Max 2 NFT mint per wallet on public mint at 11PM (GMT).
We have allocated 3,500 whitelist spots in the discord, you can find out more information in our discord channel on how to get onto the whitelist, Usually we give it out from social media giveaways, Helping the community in the discord, Staying active and helping us to promote.
Yes, Of course you can. You can start trading on your NFTs on Marketplace. Alternatively, you can also buy Soda Cat Club NFTs from the marketplace when seller list the NFT for sale. Especially when there will be Super rarity 1/1 NFT artwork to be minted. Whos feeling lucky?
Soda Cat Club have a very defined roadmap, we're working onto the metaverse platform. Owning a Soda Cat Club NFT will grant you access to our metaverse events, merch items, and the next big thing, "Soda Cat Club Suite".
Your Soda Cat Club NFT is a signture of your profile. It's a 3D PFP base project, which can be use for your social media engagment, use it as background for your accessories and other values prior the royalty in our exclusive Soda Cat Club community.
NFT Drops